This page is dedicated to all fishing techniques that can be used on the rivers of Patagonia. Obviously we will start with traditional fly fishing. Furthermore we will explore the opportunities given by Tenkara and Spin fishing. Fly fishing can be practiced on patagonian waters in its many forms, dry fly, nymph fishing and streamer fishing.
Water levels and season period are the main consideration to choose the right water to fish. As far as the proper gear to use, look at the specific page on our web site (“Useful hints on the right fly fishing gear to use in Patagonia” from Francesco Bianchini).

For the flies to use in Patagonia, consider that because of its latitude and climate, its an environment poor of aquatic insects cycle, therefore Attractors or Searching flies patterns are strongly recommended.

Following are listed some of the more effective fly patterns used by our technical staff and our guests.