The Mirador Nires Lodge in addition to the traditional stay at the lodge, allows to customize fishing expeditions according to the preferences of their guests.
In addition to the floating trip of two or more days on the most beautiful rivers of Patagonia, the Mirador Nires Lodge can also arrange “exploration expeditions” of rivers, streams and lakes, in remote areas and experience the thrill of fishing exploring totally uncharted waters .
The flot trip is a very comfortable, assisted and guided by an Argentine professional guide, with nightly stops in wonderful spaces, where you can dine by firelight, with a good roast and a good wine under a starry once unimaginable … In this case the arrangement will be in tents to two places, assembled from time to time in different areas, with all the necessary for the realization of the “field”, provided by the professional guide and his assistant

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The exploration expeditions instead, are experiences a bit more basic, where you will overnight also in this case in tent, but without the assistance of a professional guide. You will be accompanied by our staff in proper places and assisted as much as possible, but the experience will still be a bit more difficult than the float trip. Obviously in this case it will be possible not only to fish, but an experience of more days in remote places, with memories and unique fishing emotions to the world, who will accompany you throughout your life..

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