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The waters within one day drive of the Mirador Nires Lodge, are many and different. There are dozens of rivers, from medium to large size, available in the San Martin area. Not to mention the lakes, that for number and size, you will need a lifetime to fish them all. Following is a brief list of the historic waters that must be fished if visiting the San Martin area.

Rio Chimehuín

This worldwide famous river, is one of the major of northern Patagonia. Born from the Huechulafquen lake at the ” Boca del Chimehuin”, and after 55 kilometers drops into the Colon Cura river. Along its path is fed with the waters of the Lolog lake and the Curruhue’ lake the flow trough the same name river.

Holds a good population of rainbow and brown trouts with specimen in the 4 pound range, with a few fish in the double digit range. The recommended tackle for this river is a 9 foot rod for a 6,7 or 8 line, and double handed rod for the wider Bocas.


Rio Malleo

Is a medium size river, born from the Tromen lake after 60 km washes in the Alumine’ river. For the breathtaking scenario that flows into, is considered one of the most beautiful river in Patagonia, with the Lanin volcano in the foreground. Is also one of the best dry fly water of the area. Recommended tackle is a 9 foot rod for a 5, or 6 line.


Rio Aluminè

Born in the same name lake, winds for 130 km, receiving the waters of many tributary ( Rio Malleo, Rio Pulmari ) becoming the Rio Collon Cura , this river flows deep and narrow in its first part, ideal for deep nimphing, in the lower part the flow slow down with undercut banks ideal for dry fly fishing or streamer fishing on a float trip. Recommended tackle is a 9 feet or a 9 1/2 feet rod for a 6,7 or 8 line.


Rio Limay

Is one of the major rivers of Patagonia, in its path it gathers the water of many rivers, such as Chimehuin, Allumine’ and Malleo. Flowing in an incredible surrounding, with his braided channels, and undercut banks, is richly populated with both brown and rainbow trouts, with a few specimen of land locked salmon. Recommended tackle for this river is a 9 foot rod for a 6 line, to consider also is a heavier rod able to cast  a fast sinking line.


Rio Caleufù

Born from the confluence of Rio Filo Hua Hum and Rio Meliquina, after 52 km drops into the Collon Cura, having few public access, this river is perfect for a float trip. The recommended tackle for this river, is the standard for Patagonia, a 9 foot rod for a 6 line.


Rio Filo Hua Hum

The West or Superior branch of this river is born in the Nuevo Lake and drops in the same name lake. Holds a good population of brown and rainbow trouts in its pools, seems, glides and riffles, especially productive at the start of the season, when you can catch brown trouts up to 2, 3 kilos.

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