RODS: Without doubt the all-round rod for fishing in Patagonia is a graphite rod 9 feet long for a # 6 line with a medium fast action, that given the high probability of finding windy conditions, and  the relative size and bulk of the flies used to fish those rivers. This size rod allows to fish with either medium size dry flies, big surface attractors patterns, multiple flies nymphing rigs and streamers. This rod is perfectly suited for both wade fishing or pounding the banks from a drift boat.

For a more delicate dry fly action or light sight nymphing on windless days a 9 foot graphite rod for a 5 # line is surely a good choice, for those rivers and periods
that call for such use. For fishing with big heavy streamers and bucktails, especially when casting from a drift boat or trowing a long line at the Bocas (inlets and outlets of rivers and lakes), a graphite rod of 9 foot for a 8 # line is ideal, allowing the use of a wide range of specialty lines such as intermediate to fast sinking lines, which are pivotal to get the flies to the depth where the fish are holding. Good choices are the following models: Winston Boron IIIx 9′ # 6 line, Winston Boron IIIx JWF 9″ # 5 line, Winston Nexus 9′ # 8 line (, or Temple Fork Outfitters BVK 9′ # 6 line (
REELS: A large arbor reel with a reliable drag system, matching the rod / line size is the perfect choice for fishing Patagonia. For the heavier rigs (# 6 and # 8 lines), consider bringing extra spools rigged with specialty lines ( intermediate, fast sinking, shooting tapers, etch.). Good choices are the Nautilus FVX in the # 5/6 and # 7/8 sizes (, or also the Ross Evolution LT in the 2 (#5) 3 (#6) 4 (#8) sizes ( Remember to set every spool with plenty of good quality backing line to ensure a proper use and the proper handling of a large fish.
OTHER GEAR: Given the windy conditions a good gore – tex wind and rain jacket is a good choice, also a gore – tex pair of waders paired with comfortable boots to walk the banks while wade fishing. Quick drying pants and shirts are also essential if wet wading or floating on a drift boat in the warmest part of the season, and of course if needed a warm shell like pile is a good choice.

01/07/2016 – Francesco Bianchini